{ gratidão }

{ pequenas grandes gratidões às 2º Feiras }


Hoje estou grata por:

:: beterrabas! Sendo épocas delas, uso e abuso! Estamos viciados em sopa de beterraba com aveia! Mnhammm!

:: ter a oportunidade de participar num projecto de solidariedade, dando aulas de Kundalini Yoga a pessoas em reabilitação de toxicodependências. Almas lindas em busca de si próprias! Sou uma abençoada de poder trabalhar junto a estas pessoas!

:: nasceres do sol outonais e todo um oceano no céu!

:: ter uma família que me apoia, sempre presente, sempre disponível!

:: o meu filho me trazer, com uma simplicidade que só um criança consegue, ao momento presente, e me permitir compreender o que deveras é importante na Vida!

E vocês, que agradecem hoje?

:: inspirado em Snatam Kaur’s Gratitude Monday no Spirit Voyage:: 


Feira Medieval de Sintra

As tão prometidas fotos da Feira Medieval de Sintra, na qual esteve presente MAwU – Sabão Artesanal e Cosmética Natural. Adoro estas feiras temáticas! Muita música, muito baile, animações barulhentas, algum vento, poeira, chuva e nevoeiro, mas também muito sol! Foi em Julho?!? Já passaram mesmo todos estes meses?!? Bom, mas as fotos chegaram, não é o que importa? ; )


Listen to Your Heart: a Call to Compassion ~ Yogi Bhajan


How many times have you listened to your heart?

How many times have you listened to the cry of the heart of the whole wilderness of people?

How many times have you gone out and listened to the prayer, the heartfelt prayer, of those who are ugly, who are unseen?

How many times have you gone into the park to see the bums and hear their prayer and asked what made them to be?

How many times have you walked out of our secured world to the insecure world and seen how much pain is there and how much have you done to relieve it?

How many miles have you gone on your own to play for those who couldn’t walk?

How many times have you washed your hands for those who do not wash?

How many times have you not eaten for those who are hungry?

How many of you have done anything, risked yourself for any reason, which is real, which is of the unknown?

~ Yogi Bhajan, September 22,1986

Celebrando o nascimento de Guru Ram Das

“So realize in this House of the Guru we are celebrating Guru Ram Das’s Birthday week. Rejoice. Meet. Exchange happiness. You will have happiness for the year. What you shall sow, you shall reap. Sow happiness in this week. Use Thou in this week discard “I”, miracles will happen. “Kiv sachiara hoiai kiv kurai tutai pal(i).” How we become truthful and how this wealth of lies can fall. “Hukam(i) rajai chalna Nanak likhia nal(i).” In the will of God, Thou.” ~ Yogi Bhajan, 1987


Sat Nam!

Hoje celebramos o aniversário do nascimento de Guru Ram Das, o quarto guru dos Sikhs. Yogi Bhajan chama-lhe “O Senhor dos Milagres“, a quem nos dirigimos quando necessitamos que as nossas preces sejam atendidas. Guru Ram Das agracia-nos, pelo seu exemplo, com humildade e graça, e guia-nos no caminho da luz e da cura.


O shabad Dhan Dhan Ram Das Gur, cantado pela deliciosa voz de Sangeet Kaur Khalsa, torna o impossível… possível! Quando tudo na nossa vida parece estagnado, evoquemos o domínio de Guru Ram Das, o domínio do coração, da realidade, da mente neutra, onde tudo se torna puro.


October 2012 Numerology Forecast

Well, if you made it through September, God in the heavens must have a plan for you! We as humanity have just been through one of the most intense karmic clearing cycles ever experienced in recent times. The 9 of September brought about sweeping change and upheaval, clearing the deck of that which we no longer need to carry on with in our lives.

Now we have arrived in the new energy field of October, and the number 10 represents issues of authority, self worth, and a willingness to fight for what is right. This “fight” will actually be more internal than external, because one of the emotional scripts we will be dealing with is “Learned Helplessness” That’s a big one! Learned helplessness is a negative behavior often instilled during childhood, taking root when our brilliant ideas for change, evolution, and a happy life experience were squelched because of parental or negative environmental factors. You may have dearly wanted to learn to play the piano as a child, with visions of playing professionally someday, and one of your parents came along and said, ”Who do you think you are, there’s no time or money for such things in this household!” Splat! There goes your dream, and through this type of relentless conditioning you began to believe the only thing you could aspire to is being a secretary in the typing pool (old expression, I know everything is computerized now!”).

Since you know that I am such a fan of film, check out the 1988 movie “Working Girl” starring Melanie Griffith and Harrison Ford. It is a perfect illustration of breaking free from the ancestral programing, and since nobody needs anymore bad news right now, I’ll let you know it has a happy ending.

Looking again to the 10 of October, it is interesting to note that 10 represents the bones and skeletal structure. As you are experiencing the idea, “I need to stand up for myself!”, you will likely be feeling shifts in your spine and back. The very basic Sun Salutation series will help you to connect with your original self, and begin to open up areas of your body that have been held captive by emotional congestion. We all need to do something which is both easy and yet powerful. Intensely over-disciplining your life will only create stress and breakdown. Choose a kind, gentle and consistent routine of spiritual practice, and leave everything else on the altar of prayer.

Speaking of prayer, the “Har Ji, Har Har Har Har Har Ji” chant on the CD Change is an especially beautiful sound current, as “Ji” means Soul, and this vibration will help to guide you out of the maze of frustration which many people are experiencing. You need to be able to sense the way out of the maze through your intuitive awareness. Remember, the problem can never be solved at the level of the problem. Now is the time to break the karmic cycle by blending your physical being with this uniquely magical sound current.

Change by Gurunam Singh

The number 10 represents issues of authority and control, and nearly everyone will have a confrontation this month with a dominating force. It could be as simple as someone cutting you off in traffic, and flipping you “the finger” to see if you’ll go for the bait and chase after them. Don’t do it! These dramas can also play themselves out in the office, home, and crowded public places. Because people have been going through so much stress this year, there will be the tendency for someone to snap, and say, “That’s it, I’m not taking this crap anymore!” You definitely don’t want to be in their physical or verbal line of fire when this happens, so tread lightly and carry a big aura.

Or, quoting from our Tibetan friends, “The best armor is to stay out of range.” Switching to the light and bright octave of possibility, now is the time to ask yourself the question, “What is my breakthrough vision for the New Year?” Yes folks, it’s not too early to create a vision for yourself in 2013. Something as simple as projecting, “All my relationships are in harmony and balance.” or, “ I am a radiant, creative force in the Universe.” would be a good place to start. Remember, no “Suzy TaskMaster” list! Kind and gentle visioning from your heart and Soul.

As we approach the 12-21-2012 cosmic time-clock shift, our thoughts are having the ability to manifest more quickly. This can be for positive or negative, depending on the level of consciousness. Have you ever heard the expression, “He’s his own worst enemy.”  Typically this refers to a person who relentlessly creates suffering in their life through destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

We as a humanity now have the ability to change the script. If a soap-opera actor becomes tired of the same old shallow, mindless dialogue in the script, there is the option to say, “This is not me, and I’m not doing this anymore!” Draw a line in the sand against continuing in patterns of activity that suffocate your Soul. Breathe deep, and know there is a way out. As Yogi Bhajan has said, “The only way to save yourself is to change the trend of your mind. You shall lose if you will not change. Change for the better. Change for the best. Change is inevitable. Nobody can escape this change.”

Envision October as your season of transformation and allegiance to your Soul’s creative happiness in this world. Remember, as the saints have said, “When you walk towards the light, all shadows fall behind you.” Sat Nam.

Learn more about numerology in Numerology As Taught by Yogi Bhajan


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