Sat Nam!

Não, não estou doente! *Wahe Guru!* Não, não fui de férias! *I wish* E não, não me esqueci deste meu cantinho!

Pois, parece que assim sem me dar conta fiquei tão enleada nos acontecimentos desta última semana que esta passou a correr sem um único post. Repararam? Foram coisas boas e algumas celebrações!

Cá nos encontraremos na 2ªfeira para uma(s) { Gratidão }!!!

Deixo-vos entretanto com Bebe e Los Delincuentes! Música que sabe a dias quentes, espíritos irreverentes e corações cheios de coragem em busca de um novo amanhã. :: Después ::

Primavera, aqui vens tu!

Depois de quase uma semana a dar muito colinho e muito miminho a uma criança febril, cheia de raivinhas para morder e rabugenta (ai este molares que estão a romper…), finalmente sento-me ao computador para escrever no blog. Não sem o Ki a dormir o meu colo, claro! Os molares, sem ainda terem rebentado, aparentemente deram algum descanso e faz dois dias que não tem febre, deixando apenas um Ki mimoso e congestionado.

Assim, não me alongo muito… É que hoje, que já cheira a Primavera, apercebo-me eu e toda a Natureza em redor que esta… passo a passo, heis que vai chegando! Ah, que delícia!

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Kundalini Numerology Forecast: February 2013

We are now off and running in the new energy current of the Aquarian Age. The month of February allows us free reign to initiate our great plans and endeavors for the New Year. As a footnote to this, don’t feel discouraged if things didn’t go so well for you in the month of January. There was a bit of a “bad bounce” effect at play, which affected us in the areas of personal freedom and communication. This conflict was generated from the potential misalignment of our own personal vision, in relation to another person or entity. This would create a fissure, or split in the relationship, causing a “tie-breaker”  decision to be made. Because the overall number for 2013 is a 6 (2+0+1+3=6), and 6 represents justice and fair play, our decisions would be generated from the perspective of, “Is this fair, or not?”  If you are in a marriage where you not only pay the bills, but do all the laundry, cooking and cleaning too, you’re probably out the door by now.

February holds a frequency of greater harmony and reconciliation, allowing us to revisit last month’s decisions, and decide whether we’re going to stay with the changes or renegotiate. The Heart number for February is a 6, creating a double intensity surrounding the themes of fairness and integrity, and this is a good time to bring ourselves into balance in the areas of home, career, and community. Our dialogue and communication will work better if we use phrases like, “I just would like things to be fair,” or, “Where do you think the middle ground is here?” This will help to avoid power struggles, which is the down-side to this month’s learning curve. Some people will have the tendency to retaliate with force or grandstanding, as a last resort to any failed attempts of diplomacy. Responding with a gracious smile is the beginning to creating a middle ground, as when our own auric field is clear of negative emotions, it lends a subtle support to another person’s ability to shift their perception of the situation.

This is the month of Love, as in Valentine’s Day, and we are lucky that the number 6 appears in the Heart calculation for February. Number 6 represents the themes of love, home, and family, so there will be an enhanced ability to manifest our creative, loving prayers into reality at this time. The connective possibility for new love to unfold is ripe and juicy, just be sure to pace yourself so you’re not grabbing for dessert before you’ve finished your soup.

Remember, the Aquarian Age is just beginning to unfold, and we are slowly becoming accustomed to the new dynamics at play in our personal field of dreams. As a reminder, things will be happening more quickly, and with less time to “process through,” before the next big thing happens. How to stay in balance? The key is to not overreact to the events as they unfold. A mental trick you can use is to tell yourself, “I’m just watching a movie.” If you were in an actual movie theatre seeing a dramatic part of a film, you wouldn’t jump up from your seat and start running around yelling, “Oh my God, oh goodness, what’s going on?!!”

The ability to bear witness to a situation, without becoming emotionally entrenched in it, is a very yogic state of being. The next level above this is something called “holding space,” which means that you have the ability to observe from a place of neutrality, and hold a frequency of prayer for the situation. The prayer may be a mantra, or it could be the silent affirmation, “May all be well with you.” This is very powerful stuff my friends, and you are a huge catalyst for change in the world when you can function at this level.

Now is the time to set a cornerstone of positive intention for the year, while at the same time creating a protective shield of light around yourself. You may ask the question, “Well, if we are in the Aquarian Age, why do I need a protective shield?” Because, not everyone is quite “up to speed” yet, and the consciousness of humanity will remain polarized for awhile longer. The good news is that if someone does want to change for the better there are now more tools and technologies available to them.

The number 2 of February represents our ability to say “No!” to that which is inappropriate for ourself, as well as having clear boundaries in relation to how much new responsibility we are willing to take on in the New Year. Choose wisely, and give yourself a little breathing room for change and potential adjustments.

A swiftly moving stream can be a joy to navigate, as long as we are in a balanced state of awareness. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“Prosperity, excellence, and success are not outside of the human.                       Actually, they are within you. How cool, quiet, calm, universal,

affectionate, mannerful you are, is based on your

attitude and the aptitude of the attitude.”


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